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This will help you write good.

One thing, DON’T give your characters an accent. I’ve seen people write accents and mostly they’re difficult to read and break the flow of the dialogue because the reader’s spending too much time sounding out what they’re saying.

Accents are hard, yo. Unless you’re super good at them, don’t do it.

Correction: Don’t give your character an accent and then write it phonetically. THAT is the problem.

Ok, so basically there are two ways to write accents and have them actually work. Bear in mind that I’m not a published writer, but I have written a great deal and read even more about specifically this topic, so I know most of what I’m talking about. That said, correct me if I’m wrong.

Most importantly, before you even think about writing an accent, you need to listen to. A lot. Find clips of people rambling in it. Look for random little videos of people singing in it. Find out what it sounds like when people are whispering in it and yelling in it and for the love of god, please find out whether there are many variations of it. You can’t write about something you don’t actually have a good understanding of.

So now you understand it, and you want to have a character who speaks that way. In some situations, you can just tell people that a character speaks with an accent. All readers are imagining voices for the characters in their heads anyway, and as long as you mention that they have an accent they’ll just automatically add it into that thought process without you needing to add it to their dialogue.

Don’t just mention it then be done, though. You have to make it a part of their character, you have to make it authentic, you have to build it into where they come from and where they live and where they’ve been to in the past. Has your character done a bunch of traveling? Then talk about the multitude of  different countries that you can hear in their voice. Has your character lived in the deep South all of their life? Tell me that. Don’t just decide that they have an English accent because you feel like it. That’s a surefire way to create a flat character, and that goes far beyond just badly writing accents. Sometimes they don’t even have to be stated, because it’s clear from their history, and that’s fine!

But occasionally you get a such a strong accent that you need to spell it out on the page, and while that’s exponentially more difficult to do correctly, it’s still possible. Once you have a good grasp of how it’s spoken, you need to create a concrete list of rules. This character is going to put a lisp on their s’. This character is going to leave of the h’s in words. This character is going to slur two syllable words into one, as long as that two ssylable word is the third or last word in a sentence. Whatever. And while you write, follow this list. There’s nothing worse than reading a character with an accent that changes from page to page.

So that’s basically it, although I’m sure there are things I’ve missed. Go forth, and write all the thick Cockney accents your heart desires! You have my blessing!






Some videogames have character creators.

And some have character creators.

When it showed editing individual face planes my jaw fucking dropped, and continued to do so. I’m so angry the sites down what is this game?!

Okay, I did some digging. It’s Black Desert by Pearl Abyss and it’s a sandbox-oriented MMORPG. This is the official Korean site. (The broken site in the youtube video was an English fan site.) There’s a page on wikipedia for it and I also found another site that seems to be tracking the game.

Personally, I hope they make a customization only version where you can save and stock characters for reference, but I’d probably buy both just looking at how gorgeous the world looks.
(Open image in new tab for bigger versions.)






I will spend HOURS on it oh joy

these graphics are gonna destroy my computer

i can’t wait

Do not buy your kid(s) a bunny this weekend!


Rabbits are a lot of work. They need a large space and plenty of excercise. They aren’t usually cuddly animals and I do not recommend them for children. Shelters are over run as it is. Do not crowd them more because you didn’t do crucial research. It is not fair to the bunny at all. An animal is not a toy to be thrown on a shelf when you are “bored” be a responsible owner and do not get any animal on a whim.

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